Is the RFS a filter?

Nope, the RFS is a hinged filter adapter that is designed to be compatible with all the current gear you have already or plan to purchase (i.e. lenses and filters).

Will the RFS work on my lens?

Yes. The RFS is made in nearly every filter diameter and has universal threads compatible with all of your current lenses.

Is the RFS compatible with step-up rings?

Yes, the RFS can be used with step-up rings. However we designed the RFS+ to replace them. With the RFS+ you can step up from a small lens diameter to larger filter sizes and still have all the benefits of the RFS.

I use a wide-angle lens. How do I avoid vignetting?

We have tested the RFS to perform without vignetting up to 18m on prime lenses and up to 30mm on zoom lenses (keep in mind every lens performs differently). If you are trying to go wider than this we recommend upgrading your RFS to the RFS+ and choosing a size 10+mm wider. For example. If you are shooting with the Tamron 28-75mm which has a 67mm filter diameter; we recommend upgrading to an RFS+ 67/77 (Please reach out to our support team to ensure you get the optimal size)

Is there light leak?

The RFS comes with an integrated light shield and has been tested at 3200 ISO, 30sec, in direct sunlight with the subject in the shade. ZERO LIGHT LEAK

Will you ship internationally?

If you can receive mail, you can receive the RFS. Please, be prepared for VAT / Import Duties associated with your country.

How can I use a lens hood?

The RFS was not designed to be compatible with lens hoods. We think that your hand can do the trick when necessary!

Will my filter get dirty?

Lens caps are compatible with the RFS and your filters so feel free to keep your gear protected when not in use. When the device is open we find that it keeps the filter out of the way and collects less dirt or dust than it would in your pocket or bag.

Where is the RFS made?

The RFS and associated components are manufactured in Hong Kong.

Are taxes, VAT, and/or duties included?

Taxes, VAT, and/or duties are not included in the prices and are the sole responsibility of the customer.

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