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Meet Alter.

Our Rapid Filter System lets you engage and disengage lens filters the moment you need them.

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Adjust to ambient light changes on the fly

Shoot video & stills on one camera

Disengage a
dirty uv filter

Set focus for long exposure

Remove & replace lens cap or white balance disc

Features + Specs

  • Adjustable Friction Hinge
  • 270 Degree Hinge Rotation
  • Zero Light Leak
  • 360 Degree Hinge Orientation
  • Magnetically Secured Closed
  • Milled Aerospace Aluminum With Anodize

Say hello to the RFS+

Same Slim & Sleek design. Adapts to wide angle lenses.

Say goodbye to step-up rings!

What’s the difference?

The RFS+ features an integrated step-up with only one modified part.

Made for every filter size and step-up ring

40.5mm to 105mm

82 RFS and 77/82 RFS+
72/82 RFS+ and 67/82 RFS+

Wide angle compatibility

The RFS will vignette some wide angle lenses

  • Prime lenses wider than 18MM
  • Zoom lenses wider than 30MM

If wider than stated above, we recommend the RFS+

(These are estimated guidelines as we do not have the resources to test every lens and camera combo)

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What’s in the box

Everything you need to install and enjoy the RFS is included right in the box.

Our high quality product and easy installation ensure you capture more.